Giving Palette is devoted to awareness and partnership. From the very beginning, we have pledged to donate as much as we can to charity each month. This ambition, combined with raising awareness using the power of internet communities remains at the center of Giving Palette's entire business.

Giving Palette also strives to develop new initiatives supporting nonprofit organizations, specifically to create lasting relationships among various causes and the communities around them.

As a result, Giving Palette has created product lines with the focus on specific topics of interest like suicide prevention, breast cancer awareness and domestic violence. Through these products, Giving Palette wants to help people contribute in different ways towards end goals that are meaningful and important to them personally. These efforts expand beyond the company's initial goals as an e-commerce beauty brand. Now Giving Palette helps people realize their own personal goals of donating to charity or participating in fundraisers for nonprofits they care about, which means transforming consumers into donors during the process of everyday shopping. To further connect our diverse audiences together, Giving Palette will continue providing tools for more opportunities for growth new initiatives that encourage connection and partnerships among nonprofits and their supporters. This will be done by writing articles, providing social media content, creating Youtube videos featuring the stories of various nonprofit organizations, as well as supporting the efforts of our charity partners with giveaways through our upcoming subscription service.

As Giving Palette continues to grow and develop new products in the future, we're always excited for what's coming next!


Letter from the founder

For the past year, I worked with a group of friends, designers and laboratories to create what is now Giving Palette. I'm grateful to all of the supporters, volunteers and partners who have helped along the way. It's been incredibly humbling that people have wanted to get involved and we've gotten emails from people being inspired by Giving Palette in so many different ways. What started as a personal project to try to find a fun, repeatable way to raise money for charity has turned into an incredible journey filled with wonderful characters. When I started writing notes for this idea at home, I never imagined it would grow to have the support of the organizations it does today!

It's about more than just makeup now — it's about building community and making friends with individuals around the world who care deeply about important causes. Giving Palette has created multiple clean-vegan eyeshadow products and partnered with half a dozen nonprofit organizations. I am so grateful for each one of them — Igor and Jenny offered us their design expertise to create the beautiful packaging for our limited edition palettes and website design. Shane gave us a hand at building a fast, reliable website. Fernanda has worked with me since the early days of this project and created beautiful custom shades. Thea, Dave, Bri and everyone else working at the nonprofit organizations we partner with who were willing to get behind Giving Palette's idea from the get-go. I hope we can keep creating beautiful palettes that help get the word out and raise money for important issues that are happening everyday in our world.

And thanks to the commitment of our partner organizations, we have the opportunity to give back thousands of dollars — and I hope to continue to see Giving Palette grow every day! Thank you for being a part of it.


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Vladimir Novosselov
Giving Palette

Giving Palette Founder Vladimir Novosselov

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